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Autorius: Antraštė: Starting a video editing business

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Priregistravo: 2018-6-18
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[*] 2018-6-22 14:51
Starting a video editing business


I often find myself editing video from vacations or for my family. I do this in iMovie. However, I've had a longing recently to get a copy of Final Cut and cut my teeth on it. I've also had a reoccurring thought on creating a small time business around this. The idea is simple. I'd offer a video service for parties (like sweet 16 parties), celebrations, weddings and any other social event. I'd go in with a professional video camera, take video for the duration of the event, edit it at home and create a nice professional quality DVD for the customer.

Please help.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

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