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walimex pro Panorama Head

walimex pro Panorama Head
Kodas: 141324658VOK
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walimex pro Panorama Head aprašymas

walimex pro Panorama Head

Panorama photography is a particularly popular technique for landscape and interieur shootings. The pictures convey an especially realistic and spatial impression of a certain object. Although it is also possible to achieve the partial pictures, which are needed for panorama pictures, with a normal digital camera and without having additional accessories, the results are not very precise. Furthermore, when composing these partial components (the so-called “stitching”), the final picture is distorted and unprofessional.

The Panorama Head from walimex pro put things right. With its sturdy tracks, the millimeter precise scaling, the convenient bubble level and the professional applications, you will achieve high-quality results. The Panorama Head rotates your camera or lens around the optical center, the nodal point. Therewith, the parallax shift between the single photographs will be avoided, which cannot be cancelled in retrospect or only with many difficulties. The system out of vertical and horizontal tracks with millimeter precise scaling provides accurate adjustments in constant angle steps. The correct rotation angle (2x180°, 3x120°, 6x60°, 4x90° or 8x45° are possible) can be adjusted with the lockable rotary plate. The rotation steps can be selected according to your used lens. A bubble level on the top provides precise leveling.

With a maximal load capacity of approx. 5kg, the walimex pro Panorama Head is suitable for many cameras with mounted lens. A sturdy carrying case with punched-out Styrofoam inlay makes a secure transportation of your high-quality equipment possible.

Product features:

  • high-quality Head for 360° panorama and 360°x180° spherical panorama shootings
  • ensures the horizontal and vertical rotation around the nodal point of the lens or camera
  • Head with lockable rotary plate (click stops)
  • with bubble level for precise levelling
  • scaling with millimetre precision for perfect repetition when readjusting the axes
  • scratch-resistant coating
  • max. load capacity: approx. 5kg
  • in sturdy carrying case

Technical specifications:

Panorama Head

  • Weight: approx. 1375g
  • Max. Load Capacity: approx. 5kg
  • Camera Connection: 1/4 inch
  • Tripod Connection: 3/8 inch
  • Panorama Rotation: 360°
  • Rotation Steps: 2x180°, 3x120°, 6x60°, 4x90°, 8x45°
  • Material: metal

Quick-Release Plate

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): approx. 5x4x1cm
  • Connection: 1/4 inch
  • Weight: approx. 35g
  • Material: magnesium alloy/cork

Carrying Case

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): approx. 22x22x11,5cm
  • Weight (without Head): approx.750g
  • Material: aluminium, styrofoam (inside)
  • Colour: silver

Stovo tipas Stovo galvutė

Svoris 2.4 kg

Stovo tipas(?) Stovo galvutė
Gamintojas(?) Walimex
Svoris 2.4 kg
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