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Autorius: Antraštė: Camera stopped working after 1 day

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Priregistravo: 2018-4-2
Vietovė: Pasvalys
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[*] 2018-4-2 17:44
Camera stopped working after 1 day


I was taking a series of still for a time lapse video when the camera stopped working. Now, I just get an error message "* failed to open vchiq instance" whenever I run raspistill. Searching the forums, I noticed someone else said they got this message when their cable became loose. I had just gently adjusted the direction camera was pointing before noticing that it had stopped taking images so I thought that may be it.But reseating the cable, several times, had no effect.
I double checked that the memory split has 128mb for graphics and other troubleshooting tips I could find.
It doesn't seem likely that a software issue would pop up suddenly without changing anything.Is there any sure way to tell if the camera is really dead?

Please help.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

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