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Sevenoak Smart Grip SK-PSC1 for Smartphones

Sevenoak Smart Grip SK-PSC1 for Smartphones
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Sevenoak Smart Grip SK-PSC1 for Smartphones aprašymas

The Sevenoak SK-PSC1 is a professional smartphone rig, tripod mount, filmmaker grip, and traveller stand, with adjustable grip to fit most smartphones. It’s a very durable, ultra-portable and easy to use tool for serious smartphone photographers. The SK-PSC1 has three main functions.

Tripod Mount

With the SK-PSC1, you can mount your smartphone on any tripod with its universal 1/4" threaded base. You can also mount it on a slider or on a shoulder rig for taking smooth shots and steady video clips.

Filmmaker Handle and Camera Grip

Fix the SK-PSC1 to the right side of your smartphone, then mount the provided aluminum grip extension for holding your device more ergonomically, add the included wrist strap for maximum security, and turn your mobile devices into professional filming equipment. You're now ready for taking the most steady and creative handheld shots.

Traveller Stand

The Sevenoak SK-PSC1 stands on its own, so you can hold your smartphone steady even when you don't have a tripod. Mount the grip at the center of your device for landscape-mode or slide it sideways for portrait-mode. Take great night shots on your next vacation or shoot timelapse movies on the go

Usage SK-PSC1

The SK-PSC1 is made for avid smartphone photographers, filmmakers, journalists, sportmen and travellers. It can be used as a tripod mount, filmmaker grip, and traveller stand. An ultimate tool for serious smartphone photography.

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Pristatymo laikas 14-17 d.d.
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