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Vortex Quick-Release Plate ST-4-P for Summit

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Vortex Quick-Release Plate ST-4-P for Summit
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Vortex Quick-Release Plate ST-4-P for Summit aprašymas

The Vortex Summit ST-4-P Quick-Release Plate is designed for the Summit SS-P Tripod and the Summit car window mount. The adapter is ideal when you quickly want to change between different accessories.

Usage Vortex ST-4-P Quick-Release Plate

The Vortex ST-4-P Quick-Release Plate comes with a 1/4" male thread, this gives you the possibility to use it in combination with multiply accessories which are equipped with a 1/4" female thread. So it is not only suitable for your optics, but you can also use it for your camera, smartphone adapters and many other products as long as they come with a 1/4" female thread. The plate has a rubber coating on the top to make sure it won’t cause any damage to your accessories. Because of the light weight and the compact size you won’t notice the quick-release plate at all.

Lifetime warranty

Vortex unconditionally guarantees a good working product, lifelong. You can count on the best quality products, with a very detailed finish. If a defect occurs, you are covered by the VIP warranty.

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