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TheLibec LX Series is a new line of video stats that builds on the popularity and popular features of the previous LS Series.The new LX Series has been created by reworking the most basic features and introduces a completely new tripod that has a number of useful improvements.The main changes to the LX10 Series(e.g. compared to the LX5 and LX7 Series)are the 100mm hemisphere, adjustable head stiffness and more massive tripod legs.

Main features of the LX10 series:

  • Tighten every movement from start to finish thanks to the perfect gear mechanism
  • Excellent rigidity and load-bearing capacity thanks to sophisticated aluminium tripod legs
  • Fluid head with improved performance, handling and adjustable stiffness
  • High-quality bottom strut (LX10) or middle strut and removable large rubber feet (LX10M) or adjustable twin spokes and wheeled base (LX10 Studio
  • ) supplied as standard
  • 50mm sliding dock and spare 3/8" screw included
  • Flexible head, adjustable counterbalance and light weight of the complete tripod
  • Three different kits for the same price

The fixed counterbalance guarantees the same head resistance when working and thanks to the sophisticated design, the LX10 tripod has very similar characteristics even in different temperatures or outdoors/indoors. The tripod's load capacity makes it ideal for a large number of smaller handycam HDV, XDCAM EX, P2 or AVCHD cameras. The Libec LX10 is a fully featured tripod leg and video head set that offers videographers and documentarians similar control to higher-end pro video tripods, but at a more affordable price. In addition, the LX10 Studio version is designed for studio use and thanks to two adjustable handles, lens controls (zoom, focus,...) can be attached to the tripod. A wheeled base is also standard on this version for convenient moving of a fully loaded tripod.

The Libec LX10 tripod comes in three sets:

  • LX10
  • includes: 1x LX10 head, 1x RT50B legs, 1x PH-8B handle, 1x SP-2B bottom spacer, 1x RC-50 bag
  • LX10M
  • includes: 1x LX10 head, 1x RT50B legs, 1x PH-8B handle, 1x BR-6B middle strut, 1x set of FP-2B rubber feet, 1x RC-50 bag
  • LX10 Studio
includes: 1x LX10 head, 1x RT50B legs, 2x PH-8B handle, 1x DL-3B wheeled base

  • 1x LX10 head
  • 1x RT50B legs
  • 1x handle PH-8B
  • 1x middle strut BR-6B
  • 1x set of rubber feet FP-2B
  • 1x RC-50 bag

  • Load capacity:up to 16kg
  • Inclination:+85° / -65°
  • Balancing:fixed
  • Stiffness:2 degrees
  • Camera mount:quick release plate, 3/8" thread
  • Plate:sliding plate, ±50mm
  • Weight:7.6kg
  • (7.4kg for the M version and 10.6kg for the Studio version)
  • Height:63cm to 173.5cm
  • (83cm to 171.5cm for M version, 91.5cm to 187cm for Studio version)
  • Hemispherical diameter:100mm
  • Sections:2

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