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V-Mount Power Module v1 (for Moco)

V-Mount Power Module v1 (for Moco)
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V-Mount Power Module v1 (for Moco) aprašymas

Power Module
Powers up to 4 edelkrone devices with a single V-Mount or Gold Mount battery.

Powerful features for an effective workflow

V-Mount & Gold Mount options

Power Module splits a V-Mount or Gold Mount battery output to four separate DC jacks. With the Power Module and DC to DC cables (x5 cables included in box), you can power up your entire edelkrone setup with a single, long-lasting battery. Batteries NOT included.

One, instead of a dozen!

Power Module reduces battery and charger maintenance by dramatically decreasing the number of standard battery swaps. Thanks to the high power capacity of V-Mount and Gold Mount batteries, you can shoot longer and achieve uninterrupted productions.

Gripping accessories included

Effortlessly attach your Power Module to a tripod via the cold-shoe on the hook & loop fastener included.

Works great with edelkrone motion control ecosystem

Easily power each edelkrone motion control combination, such as JibONE, Pan Module and HeadPLUS, by a single power source.


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