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Focus/Zoom Module v1 (for HeadPLUS / PRO v2)

Focus/Zoom Module v1 (for HeadPLUS / PRO v2)
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Focus/Zoom Module v1 (for HeadPLUS / PRO v2) aprašymas

Focus/Zoom Module for HeadPLUS

Power up your HeadPLUS and take control of your lens

The ultimate addition to edelkrone hand-control ecosystem

New Lens Controller allows you to control your lens position by hand, similar to adjusting pan & tilt angles and slide positions of other motion controllers in the edelkrone ecosystem. Just set your camera’s position by hand, focus on your object, and store that multi-axis keypose for later use!

Hassle-free control with the best edelkrone features!

Depending on your production needs, control Lens Controller through edelkrone App (6 independent keyposes) or edelkrone Controller (3 independent keyposes).A single LP-E6 battery can power Lens Controller for maximum portability or an external DC input can power Lens Controller for those long productions. Lens Controller even includes a Link port for future extensibility.

Ready for Pro Lenses

Lens Controller features an intelligent automatic torque control: Powerful to rotate bulky pro cinema lenses and gentle for delicate lens end-stops.

Super Accurate Gear Design with Ultra Quiet Motor

The unique brushless motor driving technology of Lens Controller offers a culmination of ultra-precise motor positioning ability and ultra-quiet operation. Its super accurate backlash-free gear design delivers perfectly repeatable, smooth motion for even the most demanding shots.

Technical Specifications

Box Content
Focus/Zoom Module, 15mm rod, 15 mm rod clamp, 19 mm rod clamp, lens calibration chart & stand, 1 x lens gear, AC/DC Adapter
(L x W x H) 4.72 x 2.16 x 1.22 in (120 x 55 x 31 mm) actual size (rod clamp & battery are not included)
0.57 lb (261 gr.) actual weight (rod clamps, rods and battery are not included)
Gear pitch
Standard 0.8 mm pitch gear (all professional cinema lenses)
Lens compatibility
All lenses with the included edelkrone lens gear ring. Not compatible with servo lenses (focus by wire).
Number of axes
Single (Focus or Zoom)
Motor type
Brushless motor with ultra high-res encoder.
Power input
LP-E6 type battery (NOT included), AC/DC adapter (included)
HeadPLUS also works as a stand alone device (connects directly to edelkrone App)
CNC machined aluminum and stainless steel components.
Compatible Lenses

Hard-stop lenses: Mechanical focusing with a hard stop on the ends of focus limits. Focus wheel rotates for approximately 30 seconds, or until it reaches a hard stop.
Infinity lenses: Mechanical focusing with no hard stops on the ends of focus limits. Focus wheel rotates infinitely without adjusting the lens elements.

* Lens Controller only works with hard-stop lenses and infinity lenses. Doesn’t work with Servo / Focus by wire lenses.

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