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F830RH Baby to Junior Swivel Adapter

F830RH Baby to Junior Swivel Adapter
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F830RH Baby to Junior Swivel Adapter aprašymas

This F830RH Baby to Junior Swivel Adapter from Avenger is a flexible lighting adapter designed to add articulation to your stand or boom. With a maximum weight capacity of 13 kg, this adapter can support a wide range of lighting fixtures and match the weight capacities of many stands.

Equipped with a male 5/8" pin on the bottom and a female 5/8" receiver on the top, the F830RH can sit between most standard 5/8" light fixtures and stands. The integrated ball joint allows for 180° of vertical tilt, while the large ratcheting handle provides secure locking in the chosen position.

Key Features
  • Load Capacity: 13 kg
  • Weight: 1,1 kg
  • Zinc Steel Construction
  • 5/8" Receiver, Male 5/8" Pin

Pristatymo laikas 10-19 d.d.

Gamintojas(?) Avenger
Pristatymo laikas 10-19 d.d.
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