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INTERFIT INT233 atšvaitas 32"

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INTERFIT INT233 atšvaitas 32"
Kodas: INT233
Prekyboje: Teirautis
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INTERFIT INT233 atšvaitas 32" aprašymas

INTERFIT reflectors 32"(82cm) Softsun/White

A Soft Sun / White  reflector is ideal for warming up Skin tones without "burning" the colour as you would with a Gold reflector. The white reflector is ideal for Wedding Photographers as this does not add false colour to a Brides dress. Each reflector is supplied with a zipper pocket to store and carry your reflector.

Skersmuo 82 cm

Gamintojas(?) Interfit
Skersmuo 82 cm
Prekės kodai

INT233 INT233

Komplektacija INTERFIT INT233 atšvaitas 32"(82cm) Softsun/White


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