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StudioKing Octabox Umbrella 80 cm

StudioKing Octabox Umbrella 80 cm
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StudioKing Octabox Umbrella 80 cm aprašymas

This StudioKing Octabox Umbrella gives your photo shoot its own atmosphere and beautiful even light. This article looks like a standard umbrella but has a dense black outside and silver inside. You can set up the octabox within a few seconds as it's as easy to fold in and out as an umbrella.

The octabox umbrella has a diameter of 80 cm and has strong metal ribs. At the bottom is a zipper, which allows you to insert the lamp stand. The included white diffuse cloth can easily be attached to the Velcro, on the inside of the octabox. As the lamp stand can be inserted through the bottom, the diffuse cloth can be placed completely around the octabox. The handy black carry bag also has velcro and you can easily transport your octabox umbrella in the bag.

Application StudioKing Octabox Umbrella 80cm

The foldable octabox umbrella can be set up in no time and has a universal bar so that it can easily and directly be placed into an umbrella holder. It's a handy and fast tool for photo shoots in a studio as well as on location. This item is suitable for almost all flashes with an umbrella holder.


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Pristatymo laikas 5-19 d.d.
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