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walimex pro LED Round 200 Set

walimex pro LED Round 200 Set

walimex pro LED Round 200 Set


  • Professional LED photo and video light
  • stable color temperature and constant luminance
  • 5500K daylight
  • Flicker free
  • soft glamour light with LED technology dimmable
  • Continuously dimmable , 10 - 100%
  • LCD display with power status in percent
  • energy saving
  • with power supply, FP-750 Camcorder Battery and 12 V car cigar jack
  • CRI ( color rendering index ) ≥90
  • incl. high quality accessories in a soft case

Wide range of applications
LED 200 Round - with LED technology from walimex pro . Ultra-thin housing, 7-inch round light with 200 LED's and 16W power consumption. The positioning of the LEDs quality offers you a high quality diffusion light and works perfect for both world (video and photography). Flicker-free, constant 5500 K light temperature with CRI of ≥90 they are ideally suited for video recordings. In photography and video the applications of dimmable LED light are virtually unlimited: fits perfect for portraits, glamour light and product photography. Due to its compact and lightweight design, the LED Round 200 can be mounted on a tripod with 16 mm spigot.

Convenient operation
This high quality LED Round 200 is equipped with a backlit LCD display that shows the light intensity and the battery status in percent. The large display is easily readable even from the large distance. The dimmable LED Round 200 is continuously adjustable from 10% to 100 %. The LED Round 200 can be operated with a NP-F camcorder battery or 12 V car cigar jack (comes with in the set).

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