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Velbon Precision Leveler

Velbon Precision Leveler
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Gamintojas(?) Velbon
Svoris 0.34 kg
Prekės kodai

141345554VOK 20846 017915811003 4907990408464

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Platus aprašymas

  • Levels tripod head for accurate pans
  • 360° panning
  • Bubble level
The Precision Leveler from Velbon is a leveling base that fits between the tripod and the tripod head. Useful for accurate video pans and panoramic photos, the leveler allows for a photo or video head to be quickly leveled, independently from the tripod. The leveler can also be used as a panning base itself, and has a locking knob to control 360° panning. A locking wheel allows the base to tilt to portrait orientation, and another locking knob controls the leveling. A built-in bubble level helps ensure that your camera is level with the horizon.

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