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Amazon Fire Max 11 64GB (2023), grey

Amazon Fire Max 11 64GB (2023), grey
Kodas: 07228NRD
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Gamintojo kodas: B0B2SBZVVD
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Amazon Fire Max 11 64GB (2023), grey aprašymas

  • Vivid 11" screen with 2.4 million pixels, 2000 × 1200 resolution – shows every detail of your favourite movies, TV shows and games + its certified for low blue light
  • Powerful octa-core processor, 4 GB memory and Wi-Fi 6 – fast streaming, responsive gaming and quick multitasking
  • Thin, aluminium design with strengthened glass – 3 times as durable as the iPad 10.9-inch (10th generation) as measured in tumble tests
  • 14 hours of battery life allows you to read, browse the web, watch videos and listen to music at home and on the go
  • 64 GB of storage is plenty for all your favourite content
  • 8 MP camera makes for clear calls to friends and family on Zoom
  • Great for families – Amazon Kids offers easy-to-use parental controls on Fire tablets
  • Smart home ready – ask Alexa for help with anything from recipes to jokes or to control your smart home devices

Beauty is in the details
This beautiful, sleek and unbelievably lightweight tablet (as thin as a pencil and weighs about a pound) is designed for on-the-go durability with an aluminium exterior and strengthened aluminosilicate glass. For your privacy and convenience it comes with a fingerprint sensor to unlock your device, making this your all-day, everyday, can't-live-without tablet.

Engineered with precision, packed with power
With a speedy octa-core processor, 4 GB RAM and 14 hours of battery life, enjoy an incredible tablet at a seriously affordable price. 64 GB of storage for your movies, games, books and pictures. You can check your email, organise notes or doodle anywhere.

The best in entertainment
Enjoy the 11" crystal-clear screen with 2.4 million pixel resolution. Stream or download millions of movies, songs, games and books wherever you are whenever you want.

Stay in touch from anywhere
Wi-Fi 6 and an 8MP camera means faster, clearer and smoother connections on calls, whether for work on Microsoft Teams, with family and friends on Zoom, or on social media apps. Check your email, plan and organise your calendar, or take notes with OneNote.

Manage your smart home (and life) with ease
"Alexa, turn off the lights." Just say Alexa or click the Alexa icon on your tablet to help control your smart home, play your favourite album or get the latest sports scores. Now that's hands-free fun.

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