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Micnova Dual Camera Waist Holder MQ-WB02

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Micnova Dual Camera Waist Holder MQ-WB02
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With the Micnova Dual Waist holder you’ll always have your camera(s) within reach! The waist holder is the ideal accessories for every photographer who is always on the move. With just one quick movement you’ll get the camera out of the holder and you’re ready to take the perfect picture. The holder has space for two cameras which you have to mount on the included plates with thread. You mount the plates on the cameras just like you normally would do. When placing the camera in the holder you need to turn the camera a quarter to the side to prevent the camera from moving. With a minimum length of 74 cm and a maximum of 130 cm it will fit to almost every waist. The holder fits perfectly around your waist, which is ideal because it won’t strain your shoulders and back. It also gives you the opportunity to carry an extra bag.


The Micnova Dual Waist Holder is suitable for almost every DSLR camera as long as there is a ¼” female thread at the bottom of the camera. This makes the holder universal. Apart from using the waist holder for your cameras you can also use it for other products with a ¼” thread. The included safety cable enables you to fix one camera even better. You can disconnect one of the holders, to make the total set weight even lower.

*Cameras not included


Pristatymo laikas 14-17 d.d.

Pristatymo laikas 14-17 d.d.
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