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Micnova Multi Camera Carrying Harness MQ-MSP07

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Micnova Multi Camera Carrying Harness MQ-MSP07
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Micnova Multi Camera Carrying Harness MQ-MSP07 aprašymas

Micnova's MQ-MSP07 camera harness is a handy tool for any photographer. The harness makes it easy to carry your camera and accessories throughout the day. The adjustable tires ensure a comfortable attachment. This ensures the safety of your camera and ease of use. The camera is located at the height of your chest and is by rugged metal parts attached to the harness. With one hand, you can release the camera in a fraction of a second, so you’re always in time for the perfect shot. Despite the fact that the camera is now released from the handle, it remains attached to the harness with the supplied safety cord (if desired). You can still move the camera freely, but the risk of falling is minimized.

Attach accessories

In addition to the camera, you can attach two additional lenses to the MQ-MSP07 camera harness. On both sides there is a removable bag for your lenses. A safety cord is also included for both bags. If you want to use a tripod, you can attach it to the rear of the harness. At the top of your chest is an invisible pocket for your smartphone.
Size bag 1: 16x10x8 cm
Size bag 2: 20x9x5 cm

Usage MQ-MSP07 camera harness

The MQ-MSP07 camera harness is essential for photographers who photograph on location. It contributes to additional security at events, weddings and in nature. Because of the fact that the harness is adjustable at six points, it fits almost anyone.

Pristatymo laikas 10-19 d.d.

Pristatymo laikas 10-19 d.d.
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