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Kodak Scanza Digital Film Scanner

Kodak Scanza Digital Film Scanner
Kodas: 34442RME
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Gamintojo kodas: RODFS35EU
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With the Digital Film Scanner from KODAK, reliving the past is as simple as scan, save and share. This versatile film-to-JPEG converter digitizes and optimizes a variety of films including 35mm, 126, 110, Super 8 and 8mm negatives, enabling you to transfer images to any Mac or PC device for saving, sharing, printing and editing. Our all-in-one package comes ready with everything you need to start scanning: various film adapters and inserts, a built-in LCD color display, an exceptionally easy operational interface as well as multiple cables for device hookup. Don't settle for less than superior image quality. Trust the giant of digital innovation.
  • Film To JPEG in Seconds – The powerful 14/22MP KODAK Film Scanner converts 35mm, 126, 110, Super 8 and 8mm negatives & slides to JPEG digital files.
  • Large, Bright 3.5" TFT LCD – High definition built-in color display features adjustable brightness & convenient tilt for easy operation & image viewing.
  • An Adapter For Everything – Unit arrives w/multiple film inserts & adapters for fast, flexible operation; big one-touch buttons allow for one-step scan & save
  • Intuitive User Interface – Includes helpful tray & insert directory; easily edit image RGB & resolution, browse gallery [SD card not included, supports up to 128GB] & more.
  • Cables & Extras Included – Mac & PC compatible converter comes w/USB power cable, HDMI cable, AC adapter, video cable & free film cleaning brush.
  • Interface Features
  • RGB Adjustment: Helps you achieve your ideal image coloring (red, green, blue, reset).
  • Brightness Adjustment: Lightens and darkens the image per your preference.
  • Gallery Mode: Lets you rotate, flip, delete images and view in slideshow.
  • Resolution Adjustment: Toggles between 14 or 22 megapixels [via software interpolation] for stunning image quality.
  • USB Upload: Transfers images on your microSD card (Not Included , supports up to 128GB) to any computer or compatible device.
  • Tray Directory: Indicates the exact adapter you need for each film or slide type.

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Garantinis laikotarpis 24 mėnesių
Pristatymo laikas 8-10 d.d.
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