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Xiaomi Instant Photo Printer 1S Set EU Colour, Thermal, Wi-Fi, White

Xiaomi Instant Photo Printer 1S Set EU Colour, Thermal, Wi-Fi, White
Kodas: 52027RME
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Xiaomi Instant Photo Printer 1S Set EU Colour, Thermal, Wi-Fi, White aprašymas

  • High-quality 8.6 × 10.2 cm* and 10 × 14.8 cm photos directly from your smartphone
  • Fine details and natural colors
  • Automatic lamination
  • Printing photos in various sizes
*8.6 × 10.2 cm photo paper side is adhesive.

Print photos directly from your smartphone in 1 minute
Travel, parties, family moments, amazing shots - you want to keep your favorite photos not only in digital. Photo printer Xiaomi Mi Photo Printer 1S in just 1 minute will transfer a photo from a smartphone to paper, which can be placed in a special photo album or framed.

Two photo paper sizes
There are two paper sizes available for the printer. Use 6" paper to print a family photo and put it in a photo frame, or print cute pictures on 3" paper and stick it anywhere.

Automatic lamination and permanent colors
When printing photos, the printer automatically applies a transparent protective film to the surface of the photo, which protects the photo from splashes and fingerprints. The use of modern printing technologies allows for many years to preserve the freshness and saturation of the colors of photographs without the formation of yellowness.

Can be connected to both smartphone and computer
Wide compatibility with a wide range of equipment makes printing photos as easy as taking them. You can print from a smartphone, tablet or computer!

Real typography quality. Every detail in high definition
A special sublimation printing technology is able to convey 256 degrees of intensity of each color dot, conveying the subtlest shades of each photo. The high-precision print head brings more realism to every shot, preserving your smile for years to come.

Photos for documents directly from home. Driving licenses, visas and more
The MiHome application has many special print templates, with which you can print ID photos in just a couple of clicks. In addition, there are special signs on printed photographs that suggest the correct cutting path.

Filters and photo editing
No need to open special photo editing apps - MiHome already has rotate, crop, and 8 photo filters to help you create a unique photo in just a couple of taps.

Compact body with magnetic mount
The translucent paper tray makes it easy to keep track of the amount of paper. After use, the box can be attached directly to the printer thanks to convenient magnets, and then the printer can be stored away, where it does not take up much space.

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