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DNP Digital Kiosk DT-T6mini

DNP Digital Kiosk DT-T6mini
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DNP Digital Kiosk DT-T6mini aprašymas

Compact but powerful 11.6 "order terminal

The DNP Digital Kiosk DT-T6mini is an order terminal that can be connected to the DNP DS620 and can be combined with the DS820, RX1HS, QW410, DS80 and DS80DX printer. Customers can connect any device wirelessly or with a cable and place their phone on the safe anti-slip rubber pad. Printing amazing (panorama) photos, photo collages, calendars or greeting cards has never been so fun and easier.

Extensive possibilities of the DT-T6mini

The DT-T6mini can be mounted on, for example, a DS620 printer, which can print high-quality (ID) photos. In addition, there is the possibility to print the photos glossy, matt, fine matt, partial matt and luster, without changing the paper. Thanks to the large 11.6 "touch screen, this Digital Kiosk is clear and easy to operate, with the DT-T6mini offering a variety of print layouts (eg Christmas and baby cards) .The integrated photo editing software makes it easy to edit the recordings, for example. adjust the colors, make different cropping and edit red eyes The DT-T6mini is equipped with integrated passport photo software, with which passport photos can be printed.

User-friendly solution on location or in store

This kiosk with printer is perfect for your store, events and any other place where you want a user-friendly and complete photo kiosk. The kiosk has the option to print a checkout receipt on the DNP printer, of course it is also possible to connect a receipt printer.

The DT-T6mini is compatible with DNP Partyprint. DNP has developed a handy app for this function which is suitable for iOS and Android smartphones, such as iPhone and Samsung.

Supported media: Compact Flash SD, MS, Micro SD, USB, Wi-Fi
The Kiosk supports the following languages: NL / EN / FR / IT / DE / ES / PL / UK / FI

Note: Printer not included!

Pristatymo laikas 14-17 d.d.

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Pristatymo laikas 14-17 d.d.
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