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AGM Explorator TB75-384 Thermal Imaging Bi-Ocular

AGM Explorator TB75-384 Thermal Imaging Bi-Ocular
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AGM Explorator TB75-384 Thermal Imaging Bi-Ocular aprašymas

The AGM Explorator TB75-384 is a bi-ocular thermal imaging camera that is indispensable when you want to observe long distances. It is equipped with a 384x288 VOx detector (17μm), manual focus and a big 75mm Germanium lens. The camera is equipped with a razor-sharp OLED display and has a zoom range of optical 4.7x to 19x with use of a digital zoom. For optimal observations, the Explorator is equipped with a number of indispensable features such as a stadiametric rangefinder and Picture-in-Picture mode.

Internal properties

With the Explorator TB75-384, you immediately see the heat of almost 111,000 pixels. This is displayed on a dual OLED display (800x600 pixels), on which images are projected in real time (50hz). To correct for your eyes, you can set the dioptre at both eyepieces. The focus ring near the lens allows you to focus the displayed image manually. You can also adjust the contrast, brightness and image sharpness, but this can also be done automatically.

Color pallettes, PiP and rangefinder

The thermal imaging camera has a number of different observation modes. For example, you can set up 9 different colour palettes, including black hot and white hot. In addition, you can use the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode. You can use this option to zoom in further (2x) on a specific object in the picture, without losing the rest of the field of view. By using the stadiametric rangefinder, the AGM Explorator can calculate the approximate distance to people, animals or other objects. You will see two horizontal lines in the FOV, of which you can move the upper one. When you look at a person, you make sure that the person is exactly between the two lines on the screen. At the bottom left of the screen you can see how many meters away that person is.

Physical characteristics

The viewer has an aluminium housing and a Germanium aspherical lens. The AGM Explorator is IP67 certified, which means that it is waterproof and impact-resistant. Because thermal imaging is independent of ambient light or weather type, you can therefore use the bi-ocular even in the most extreme conditions. Using two included CR123A batteries, you can use the device for up to five hours. Optionally, this can also be done via external USB-continuous power supply. Via the 1/4" threaded connection at the bottom you can place the camera on any standard tripod (see optional accessories).

Application AGM Explorator TB75-384

The AGM Explorator TB75-384 is indispensable for long-term, comfortable observations over long and extreme distances. This bi-ocular is therefore very suitable for any tactical application, security/monitoring and rescue operations. But the AGM Explorator TB75-384 is also indispensable for other applications involving long-term observation (such as hunting or nature observations). The advantage of a bi-ocular thermal imaging camera over a monocular is that:

- you can see the thermal image with both eyes at the same time
- the camera is much more comfortable to use because you don't have to close one eye all the time
- a binocular is therefore suitable for long-term, continuous use

Pristatymo laikas 14-17 d.d.

Pristatymo laikas 14-17 d.d.
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