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B+W XS-Pro Digital HTC circular Pol Filter Käsemann MRC nano 82

B+W XS-Pro Digital HTC circular Pol Filter Käsemann MRC nano 82

B+W XS-Pro Digital HTC Circular Pol "KÄSEMANN" MRC nano 82 mm

B+W "Käsemann" circular polarizers are manufactured with a polarizing foil of extremely strict and exacting specifications. In terms of color neutrality and extinction capability, the foil quality is ideal. Furthermore, the glass used for this filter is sanded and fine-polished for excellent optical quality and the advanced cementing technique prevents delamination in environments of high humidity. This filter does not impair the image sharpness of high-quality photographic lenses, which is particularly important in high-resolution digital cameras and aspherical tele lenses.

B+W MRC nano: Nanotechnology with Lotus Effect
Both sides of the B+W MRC nano coated filters feature the same high-quality MC layer with 7 layers that is used in the MRC coating. This ensures high transmittance and maximum elimination of reflections by minimising reflection losses. Because the normal 4% reflection losses at the surface of the glass are reduced to an average of well below 0.5% with an MC layer, brighter colors and higher contrasts can be achieved.
The MRC nano outer layer is an innovative extra layer that significantly outperforms the dirt- and water-repellent effect of the well-known B+W MRC coating.
Thanks to the nanotechnology-based surface property (lotus effect), dirt can hardly adhere. Water experiences a very efficient beading effect and virtually rolls off the surface of the glass. Cleaning the filter is incredibly easy and fast. In addition, the superhydrophobic surface reduces fogging. After moving from cold to warm surroundings, the condensation disappears from the surface of the filter glass within seconds.

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