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Didinimasis stiklas Peak 10x su matavimo skale

Didinimasis stiklas Peak 10x su matavimo skale
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Didinimasis stiklas Peak 10x su matavimo skale aprašymas

Peak Scale Loupe 10X has precision-constructed achromatic lenses (coated 4 elements, 2 groups), a photo-printed scale and focusing ring.<br /> <strong>Magnification:</strong>&nbsp;10X<br /><strong>Field of View:</strong>&nbsp;32 mm (1.24 inch)<br /><strong>Scale Length:</strong>&nbsp;30 mm (1.17 inch<br /><strong>Minimum Scale Division:</strong>&nbsp;0.1 mm<br /><strong>Eye-piece:</strong>&nbsp;20 mm<br /><strong>Size:</strong>&nbsp;46 x 44 mm<br /><strong>Net Weight:</strong>&nbsp;74 g<br /> Pitch 1mm, Diameter 38mm for base threads.<br /> The contradiction between high resolving power and wide visual field has been completely eliminated from this product so it can provide efficient inspection.<br /> It comes with a convenient carrying case.
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