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82mm Nano-X-Microlight Shimmer Diffusion MRC filter

82mm Nano-X-Microlight Shimmer Diffusion MRC filter
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82mm Nano-X-Microlight Shimmer Diffusion MRC filter aprašymas

82mm Nano-X-Microlight Mirror,Optical Glass, Ultra-Clear, Anti-scratch Anti-reflection Waterproof Green Film Nano-X Series

    * 1. The micro-light mirror creates a soft and clean highlight halo while maintaining the sharpness of the entire picture;
    * 2. The low-light mirror will have a soft and slight contrast reduction effect, which will create the feeling of an old lens as a whole, and will slightly enhance the color saturation;
    * 3.The 28-layer anti-reflection coating can effectively reduce the reflection on the surface of the filter and avoid problems such as ghosting. The frame is made of aviation-grade aluminum, and the thickness of the frame is only 3.3mm. vignetting phenomenon
    * 4. Coat the surface with a high-tech film layer. "Moldproof", "Waterproof", "Scratchproof" and "Oilproof". While having the characteristics of hard scraping, it will not have any impact on the image quality, even if it is contaminated with water droplets or oil, it can be easily removed;
    * 5. The surface of the mirror frame is designed with a CNC trapezoidal pattern to ensure that consumers increase the friction in a large area when rotating, and can install/remove the lens and other accessories anytime and anywhere;

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Pristatymo laikas 10-19 d.d.
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