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Lee Elements filter neutral density Variable ND 6-9 Stop 82mm

Lee Elements filter neutral density Variable ND 6-9 Stop 82mm
Kodas: 06247NRD
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Gamintojo kodas: ELVND6-982
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Lee Elements filter neutral density Variable ND 6-9 Stop 82mm aprašymas

Designed for photographers and videographers who insist on quality and performance, LEE Elements VND filters are available in convenient 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, and 82mm screw-in sizes, allowing users to achieve precise ND adjustment without the need to pack and carry several different ND options. LEE Elements VNDs combine fluid-smooth adjustment rings with positive end stops and clearly defined stop markers to achieve exactly the desired amount of density adjustment and prevent cross-polarisation.

Featuring high-end optical glass to complement the latest lens and sensor technologies, LEE Elements filters are all designed with multilayer, multi-function nano coatings to provide superb scratch resistance, enhanced protection against moisture and fingerprints, and easy cleaning.

Featuring a rugged and robust design with separate oversized, machined-alloy mounting and adjustment rings to facilitate easy attachment and operation on location LEE Elements filters are designed to produce minimal to zero vignetting even with very wide-angle lenses. The fluid-smooth adjustment ring features clearly defined stop positions for accuracy and repeatability.

All LEE Elements filters come packaged with a protective case and cleaning cloth.

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