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Saramonic Duo Microphone Kit Wireless SR-WM4C with Audiomixer AX100

Saramonic Duo Microphone Kit Wireless SR-WM4C with Audiomixer AX100
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Saramonic Duo Microphone Kit Wireless SR-WM4C with Audiomixer AX100 aprašymas

The Saramonic Double Microphone Set consists of an AX100 audio mixer, with two wireless SR-WM4C microphone sets. A nice combi, allowing you to record the sound of the two supplied lavalier microphones simultaneously. Ideal for an interview where the voices of the interviewer and interviewees are recorded on two separate channels (left and right). While editing the sound, you can split both channels and simply edit both channels. This allows you to keep the best parts of the interview and let the audio go seamlessly from one part to the other.

Usage dual microphone set

The dual microphone set is ideal for capturing interviews, presentations, theater productions and more. Thanks to its relatively low price, this set is ideal for smaller productions, but qualitatively good and reliable for capturing important moments.

Technical Specifications Double Microphone Set

Both transmitters and receivers can be configured on four different channels, using a slider on the side. In the field, the transmitter and receiver can communicate with each other on a distance of up to 60 meters. The output volume of the receiver can be adjusted using a dial. Thanks to a handy LED light, you can see at a glance whether the battery is still full enough. Depending on the type of battery, it will last up to five hours.

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