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Wacom One 13 Touch Pen Display

Wacom One 13 Touch Pen Display
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Experience a gateway to the world of digital creativity with the exceptional Wacom One 13 Touch pen display, specifically crafted for aspiring artists. Immerse yourself in a seamless and delightful creative experience with this compact 13.3" display, perfectly balancing functionality and convenience.
  • All-new thin and light display with plenty of space to play
  • Connect your way – Mac, PC, and certain Android devices
  • Paper-like display surface– natural friction with minimal reflection
  • Looks and feels like a standard pen – no need for batteries. Additional Wacom compatible pens are available from leading manufacturers such as Lamy, Staedtler and Dr. Grip
  • Wacom Adventure program includes software Bonus Pack – brilliant apps to explore and learn as well as online training and exciting creative content
  • More eco-friendly design. We have prioritized the use of sustainable materials in packaging making the products transportation eco-friendlier.

One cable connection
Wacom's goal was to make your transition to digital creativity as easy as possible. You can connect your Wacom One Pen Display with only one cable (depending on USB-C port of your computer) and start your creativity right away. Use the pen as you are used to on paper or canvas and start drawing, doodling, note taking and many much more. To make the start for you even more convenient we have introduced The Wacom Adventure Program offering many onboarding videos, free software trial-packages and more exclusive advantages.

One powerful device
The Wacom One Pen Display has been designed for creative beginners, while still offering impressive technical features. The Wacom One 13 Touch features a Full HD display that boast excellent color reproduction with 99% sRGB (CIE1931) (typ.) coverage. Drawing and designing become a true pleasure, evoking the feeling of traditional pen-on-paper creativity. The new Wacom One Standard Pen provides precise stroke control with over 4,000 levels of pressure sensitivity. Combined with tilt recognition and a display free from parallax, it delivers a natural drawing experience. This technology is the result of 40 years of experience, which has already helped artists, animators, filmmakers, and special effects artists create masterpieces—and now it's available for you.

A Natural Pen Experience
The Wacom One pen is cordless and battery-free with 4,096 levels of pressure. It also boasts 2 programmable buttons for customization to give you quick and easy access to shortcuts for a smoother workflow.
  • 2 programmable pen buttons for customization
  • 4k pen pressure sensitivity
  • Virtually no lag, natural tilt recognition, no parallax
  • No batteries or recharging

Full control thanks to pen input and multi-touch
In addition to the intuitive pen input on the Wacom One graphic display, you'll also have the remarkable advantage of true 10-finger multi-touch gestures (exclusive to Wacom One 13 touch). This groundbreaking feature enables you to fully control your work with familiar actions like drag and drop, scaling, and marking. Embrace the freedom to interact directly with your creative and productivity hub, as this functionality sets the Wacom One apart within its price segment. Unlock a whole new realm of possibilities that will not only delight creative beginners but also extend to professionals seeking innovative ways to enhance their workflow and unleash their artistic potential. With the Wacom One's exceptional multi-touch capabilities, your creative journey is bound to be elevated to unprecedented heights.

Expand your skillset with software offers
Includes Creative Software: Register your device to get Bamboo Paper Pro, Magma pro plan, Bluescape, Affinity Photo, Affinity Publisher, Affinity Designer, & Skillshare for 3 months. Get Clip Studio Paint Pro (6-mos license Mac/PC, 3-mos license for Chromebook)

Register your device to get education software: Kami App (12-months), Foxit PDF Editor for Education (12-months), and 3 months of Explain Everything, Pear Deck, & Limnu.

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