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Logitech G G903 Lightspeed

Logitech G G903 Lightspeed
Kodas: 141368123VOK
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Logitech G G903 Lightspeed aprašymas

Wireless gaming mouse G903 LIGHTSPEED

Enriched with a HERO sensor
Thanks to the HERO 16K sensor, LIGHTSPEED wireless technology enters a new level. The advanced HERO 16K sensor provides unmatched performance and highest efficiency. In addition, the POWERPLAY mouse pad will enable the device to be charged continuously, and it will ideally complement the LIGHTSPEED device set.

The heart of the HERO mouse
Evolution before your eyes. All thanks to the HERO 16K sensor providing unparalleled precision and performance as well as 1: 1 motion tracking, maximum sensitivity of 16,000 dpi, as well as no smoothing, filtering and acceleration. In addition, the HERO 16K sensor features 10 times more energy-saving compared to the previous generation, longer battery life and less mass.

LIGHTSPEED wireless communication technology
LIGHTSPEED wireless communication technology provides professional refreshment every 1 ms without sacrifices in terms of weight or battery life. The best professional e-sport players use LIGHTSPEED technology due to its excellent performance, extremely fast response time and reliable connectivity.

140 hours. One charge.
The HERO 16K sensor is extremely efficient and provides an incredible battery life of up to 140 hours in the case of a game with the LIGHTSYNC RGB backlight on or even 180 hours with the backlight off. This is almost six times the battery life compared to the previous generation G903 mouse.

Wireless POWERPLAY charging
Get ready for endless gameplay. The POWERPLAY wireless charging system will ensure that your G903 gaming mouse and other G series mice compatible with this technology will be reloaded both when playing and when you are not using them *. All you need to do is connect the included POWERCORE module in place of the optional 10 g weight and cover it. No more worrying about the battery condition.
* The POWERPLAY wireless charging system is sold separately

RGB full-spectrum backlight reacts to in-game action, screen sound and color, and you can synchronize them with other G-series devices. Customize animations and backlight effects by choosing from a wide range of approximately 16.8 million colors using software for G HUB games, and personalize them to fit your equipment.

Technology of mechanical buttons
The system of tensioning buttons based on a metal spring makes the mouse buttons squeeze under the influence of less force. Thanks to this, each click is characterized by faster speed and consistency and a better response time.

The shape is adapted to both hands. Even 11 buttons.
Customizable button layout allows you to adjust the mouse to the left or right hand. In addition, thanks to a superfast, tilting wheel equipped with two modes and removable side buttons, you have from 7 to 11 programmable functions. The Logitech G HUB gaming software allows you to customize the buttons so that the most useful abilities assigned to them are always at hand.

Plastic Neutral Certificate
The G903 HERO mouse is Plastic Neutral certified by Plastic Neutral. This means that with every mouse sold, Logitech supports Plastic Bank's programs that help remove plastics from the environment.

Garantinis laikotarpis 24 mėnesių

Svoris 0.41 kg

Pristatymo laikas 11-14 d.d.

Gamintojas(?) Logitech
Garantinis laikotarpis 24 mėnesių
Svoris 0.41 kg
Pristatymo laikas 11-14 d.d.
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