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Xiaomi Mi Motion Sensor

Xiaomi Mi Motion Sensor
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Intelligent Recognition
The daily movement of people and animals is recognized, and information about the movement of a family member is transmitted through the entire intelligent connection.

Security Alerts
Turn on the alarm mode after leaving the house. In the event of a burglary, the sensor emits an audible and visual alarm, effectively repelling the intruder, and immediately notifies the owner through a mobile application.

Smart home
Set a usage schedule and automatically switch water heaters, air conditioning, TV, light, and other household appliances.

Curious animals
Remotely watch your pets. Automatic preventive alarms will notify the owner of a dog or cat leaving the home.

Top class craftsmanship
Perfect fit, construction full of surprises. Installation - for any flat surface. Time delay - switching on / off electrical devices. Light induction - intelligent light level adjustment. Night lamp - automatic activation of the light when motion is detected. Remote notifications - alerts and notifications. On-line application - convenience and simplicity of use.

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