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Roccat keyboard Sova MK Nordic (ROC-12-184-BN)

Roccat keyboard Sova MK Nordic (ROC-12-184-BN)
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Roccat keyboard Sova MK Nordic (ROC-12-184-BN) aprašymas

Roccat® Sova – gaming lapboard
The new era in PC gaming has begun. The ROCCAT Sova Gaming Board has finally arrived.
For decades the living room has been the near exclusive domain of console gaming. Millions have enjoyed playing on the couch, experiencing the casual ease of plug-and-play fun that comes with it. While smaller PCs and various streaming technologies have cracked the door slightly over the years, Sova kicks that door wide open.
Truly bridging the gap between desk-and-chair PC gaming and living room play, Sova provides the vital key ingredient every PC gamer has lacked who wants to experience their favorite games from the comfort of a couch or chair via PC, Steam machine, or streaming device.
You already own everything you need to get started - all that’s left to add is the Sova.

Comfort tested gaming
The ROCCAT Sova Gaming Board is the pinnacle of comfort, field tested with hundreds of hours of play specifically to accommodate couch gaming. Everything from the highly ergonomic shape built from a durable fiber/plastic blend, the cushioned underside parts, to the perfectly placed wrist-rest ensure that everything from a single game to marathon play feels exactly the same - effortless. The Sova was designed from the ground up to replace the desk and make a lap-and-couch combo the perfect match.

A super-customizable experience
Choose your favorite gaming mouse (ROCCAT or otherwise) to utilize on the Sova's large, exchangeable built-in mousepad. The convenient mouse cable channel ensures you'll never have to contend with tangles. Two USB ports mean you can connect, use and charge additional devices, use your favorite headset and more. Pick and choose between different mousepad and wrist-rest materials, and customize your colors to truly put your signature on your Sova. Finally, with 3D printable options on the table, you can truly create a Sova experience that is completely unique to your needs.

The ease of Sova gaming
The Sova is plug-and-play simple. Be it via your Steam Box setup or standard PC, the Sova integrates flawlessly into a living room play experience that allows you to turn your television, favorite armchair, beanbag or couch into an interconnected gaming environment.

Power under the hood
ROCCAT's most popular software features reside under the hood of Sova, making it not only comfortable, convenient and customizable, but powerful. And all of this is controlled by ROCCAT's innovative Swarm technology, which unifies all of your ROCCAT products and technology in one simple to interface with location. With lightning-fast access to system commands, vital game functions and so much more, gamin in the living room with Sova means always having an edge, all while owning the couch.

  • Superior ergonomics, comfortable even after long periods of use 
  • Indestructible build – ideal for the wear and tear of comfortable gaming 
  • High-accuracy mousepad: long-lasting composite material built for max precision
  • Replaceable components – replaceable mousepad, wrist rest & cushions 
  • Totally lag-free for couch gaming without technical limitations 
  • Swarm software suite & companion app optimized
  • Mouse bungee + cable channel for easy cable management for distraction-free gameplay 
  • Docking rail securely supports mouse bungee + custom clip-on parts 
  • TTC mechanical switches – newly developed, with near infinite key stroke durability
  • Configurable Roccat® blue key back-lighting, configurable on per-key basis

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