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Omega Digital Weather Station (42362)

Omega Digital Weather Station (42362)
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Omega Digital Weather Station (42362) aprašymas

High-quality digital wireless weather station. Shows the outdoor/ indoor temperature and indoor humidity. The outside temperature is read by a wireless sensor. It has an additional feature of weather forecasts - analyzes the weather trends of the last 24 hours. Shows the time and has an alarm function with snooze. Large, easy to read backlit LCD display. 

  • Four-kind weather forecast: sunny, slightly cloudy, cloudy and rainy 
  • Time and calendar display 
  • Temperature display format of °C/°F 
  • Indoor temperature: scope of -9.9C--50C 
  • Outdoor temperature: scope of -30C--70C 
  • Indoor humidity: range of detecting from 20% to 95% 
  • LED backlight 
  • Alarm and snooze

Pristatymo laikas 5-10 d.d.

Gamintojas(?) Omega
Pristatymo laikas 5-10 d.d.
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