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Velbon QHD-33M

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Velbon QHD-33M
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The Ball head is one of the best and most popular types of tripod head available; qualities such as its light, compact nature and simple operation make it an ideal companion for lightweight carbon fibre or travel tripods and perfect for any application where quick and simple adjustment is required.
The Velbon QHD-33Q Aluminium Quick Release Ball and Socket Head is a high quality ball head with a built-in quick release mechanism. The quick release feature allows for fast and easy mounting of your camera, and allows multiple cameras to be hot-swapped with the use of additional quick release platforms (available seperately).
A single ergonomically designed locking knob controls all axes of movement, making the Ball head ideal for tracking moving objects such as with wildlife and motorsport photography, where the ability to reposition the head rapidly is key.
Position your camera at virtually any angle and get portrait or landscape shots with ease. Adjustment is simple; just release, compose and lock. Quick and easy.

For over 50 years the name VELBON has been recognised as a leader in the design, development and manufacture of tripods and tripod accessories. Velbon has the distinction of being the largest specialised manufacturer of tripods and offers a quality line of products to help meet the needs of the beginner as well as experienced professional photographer. Whether you need a tripod for still camera - 35mm, medium format and large format, digital camera, video camera, binoculars or scopes, Velbon has a model with the quality, craftsmanship and exact features to meet your needs.

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