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TomTom Via 53 Europe

TomTom Via 53 Europe
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TomTom Via 53
The TomTom VIA 53 allows real-time route planning to avoid traffic jams. Use handsfree, MyDrive and real-time services by seamlessly connecting your smartphone with Bluetooth® technology. Map updates and access to TomTom Traffic are free for the entire life of the device. Touchscreen with a diagonal of 5 inches.

Increased efficiency
Starting, searching for a destination, route recalculation - thanks to a better processor, the TomTom VIA does everything much faster.

Messages from your smartphone
Your TomTom VIA device can read phone messages when you hold your hands on the wheel and your eyes are focused on the road.

Compatibility with Siri and Google Now
Activate Siri or Google Now and after you tap the button, speak to the microphone of your TomTom VIA.

Updates via Wi-Fi
Download the latest TomTom VIA maps and software using the built-in Wi-Fi module. The computer is not needed.

Lifetime maps
Keep your free maps up-to-date with the latest road changes throughout the life of your device.

Lifetime TomTom Traffic service
Extremely accurate traffic information allows the TomTom VIA to plan a smart route that avoids traffic jams.

3-month subscription to the Speed ​​Cameras service
Pre-warning warnings on your TomTom VIA device tell you when you are approaching the speed camera.

TomTom MyDrive
Route planning, checking traffic and saving favorites from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Ringing with a hands-free system
Your TomTom VIA device is designed to provide high-quality calling with a speakerphone. All you need to do is connect your phone to the VIA device.

Fully interactive display
Use simple gestures to zoom in and move the contents of the TomTom VIA interactive display. Touch the map, routes or shortcut icons to access the most important functions.

Voice control
Control your TomTom VIA device with your voice and focus on driving. Say "Hi TomTom" to get started.

TomTom services via smartphone
Use the TomTom MyDrive application to activate real-time services such as traffic information by connecting your smartphone.

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