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Falcon Eyes Background Support B-2W for 2 Rolls

Falcon Eyes Background Support B-2W for 2 Rolls
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The Falcon Eyes B-2W Background Support is a universal hanging system used to mount and switch between to two backgrounds. The system can easily be fixed to the wall or ceiling. Once placed on the holder, the background roll can be secured by fastening the holder causing the clamps to expand and in turn, ensuring the background roll is secured. The supplied guides ensure the chains stay in place while the chains allow the user to easily roll the background paper up and down. The system can be mounted to the ceiling at a minimum distance of 10cm with the user having the ability to determine the width. The brackets have a height of 18 cm and a diameter of 4,6 cm. The chains are approximately 1.70m long.

Accessories B-2W

Through the use of 4 x CL22 (which can be found in the ‘optional accessories’ tab below), the B-2W can be mounted to a light stand. To be ensured that the paper won't roll down accidently, we have a special clamp from StudioKing in our collection. You can mount the clamp on the side of the paper roll, which makes it impossible for the paper roll to turn (see optional accessories)


The B-2W system is suitable for many backgrounds, in a lot of sizes. You can use rolls of 1.38 meters and 2.75 meters. The widest rolls of 3.56 meters are also fine for the B-2W.

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