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Guide Clip-On Adapter Ring B for Riflescopes 48-54mm

Guide Clip-On Adapter Ring B for Riflescopes 48-54mm
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Guide Clip-On Adapter Ring B for Riflescopes 48-54mm aprašymas

The Clip-On Adapter Ring B for Riflescopes 48-54mm is the adapter you need to attach the Guide TA435 and TA450 to your riflescope. This adapter ring can be used with optical rifle scopes with an outer diameter of 48 to 54mm. This adapter is the necessary connection to turn your optical rifle scope into a thermal imaging rifle scope.

This article includes two sets of strips. One set consists of serrated strips with an adhesive edge. This is to protect your rifle scope extra well when you attach the adapter to your rifle scope. The serrated edge ensures a good grip. You will also receive a number of black 'smooth' strips. These are used to adjust the adapter ring exactly to the outer diameter of your rifle scope. Finally, a screw mount is also included to secure the adapter ring securely.

Application Guide Adapter Ring B (48-54mm)

You can use this adapter ring to turn your optical rifle scope into a thermal rifle scope. For this you need the thermal rifle scopes from Guide: model TA435 or TA450 (see optional accessories). This adapter is the connection you need to attach these thermal imaging clip-ons to your rifle scope. The Guide Adapter Ring 'B' is the right adapter if your rifle scope has an outside diameter between 48 and 54mm.

Note that the outer diameter includes the housing that surrounds the lens of your rifle scope, not the diameter of the lens itself. So first measure the outside diameter of your own rifle scope to decide if this adapter ring is the right one. Adapter rings for other diameters can be found with the optional accessories.


• Screw the Guide TA435 or TA450 thermal imaging camera into the thread of the adapter ring
• Remove the white sticker from the gray, jagged strip
• Stick the protective strip with the adhesive edge around the casing of your rifle scope
• Place the correct diameter adapter strip on the inside of the ring (diameter is mentioned on that black strip)
• Pull the adapter ring slightly apart and attach it securely around your rifle scope to the protective strip
• Use the screw to tighten the washer so that the whole unit remains securely in place

Pristatymo laikas 14-17 d.d.

Pristatymo laikas 14-17 d.d.
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