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Carson Digital Pocket Night Vision Monocular

Carson Digital Pocket Night Vision Monocular
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The Carson Digital Pocket Night Vision Monocular is the handy and by all means affordable accessory to use during nighttime observations. The night vision device is very compact and lightweight, but has all the necessary functionalities to see optimally in the dark. This means: including manual focusing function, dioptre adjustment and built-in infrared light. Whether you are looking for animals, want to observe your private property, or just go for a night walk and want to see where you are walking: this pocket-sized monocular will always come in handy! The night vision device is digital, which means that you can use the unit both at night and during the day.

The digital residual light amplifier has a wide field of vision of no less than 19 degrees, so that you can see a large part of the environment at all times with a single glance. In addition, you can rely on a standard optical magnification of 1x. To create extra brightness and increase the viewing distance, the unit is equipped with a built-in infrared amplifier. The IR Illuminator can be set in three levels: 100%, 60% and 30%. If you don't want to use it (e.g. during the day or at dusk) you can of course turn it off completely. The viewing distance with the Carson-device is more than 150m (full moon) and you can detect a person or animal up to 50m in complete darkness, without any kind of residual light. The environment is displayed in black/white for extra high contrast.

With its 54 grams and compact dimensions, the monocular is easy to carry and store. The unit comes standard with a wrist strap, so you can securely tie it around your hand, attach it to your keys and store it directly in your jacket or trouser pocket, for example.

Usage Carson Digital Pocket Night Vision Monocular

To use the compact unit, place 3 AAA batteries (not included) in the compartment next to the eyepiece. Then you can start up the unit. The desired dioptre setting is determined by turning the ring at the eyepiece. By rotating the ring near the lens, you can manually focus the displayed image. This way you have an optimal sharp image at all times. If you do not use the unit for five minutes, it will automatically switch off via the auto shutdown function.

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