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Photo Equipment Rent

What is photo equipment and what is it for ?
  • Photo equipment rent - it is a service suitable for new and professional photographers who wish to photograph with professional equipment without purchasing it. 
  • Our clients who are not sure which camera, lens or flash to purchase are using rent service to try and comapare one to another with spending a fortune on buying what they dont need or won't use in the future. It does help to decide witch equipment model option ir suitable for their needs.
  • If your equipment is broken and you do have an important event or travel to capture - rent out with us and dont lose those moments to be captured until your equipment will be fixed.  

Photo equipment rent - cheaper 

  • Photo cameras could be used separate or in a set with lens or flash. Lenses, flashes and other accessories can be rented separetely or with camera - it's your choise. For our loyal clients and fr those who rent several items we always try our best to provide good discouts as well as good offers to purchase desired equipment. 
  • Special discount is applied for those who repair their equipment with us too. 
  • Standart price of the rent is applyed for chosen equipment with 1 day duration. Longer durations do get discounts applied. 
2 days  3 days 4 days  5 days 7 days Weeknd Month
-20% -25% -30% -40% -50% -25% -70%

Photo equipment rent in whole of Lithuania regions 

We deliver photo equipment for rent in any of our salons or part of Lithuana on your request. In our stores in Klaipėda and Kaunas we deliver with no extra charge. If you choose to have your rented equipment sent to your home, we will charge 8.40eu for sending out and sending back the equipment.  

Conditions of photography equipment rent 

  • When making photo eqipment rent in one of our salons, you need to bring form of ID (passport or personal identity card) , proof of your employment ( for physical person ), company registration documets ( for private ). When contract is summarised over email, documents can be scaned and sent over email too. These documents are important for us to check if we can make rent contract wit a client. 
  • When ordering this service over email, you need to transfer 100% deposit of the value of the equipment. After we receive it back, we fully refund the deposit amount paid. 
  • Payment methods include: cash, payment by card or bank transfer. Equipment is rented only after the payment is received. 
  • We do highly recommend to pick up your rented equipment at the salon, check it's funcionality as later complains are not accepted. 
  • Equipments rented is not insured, clients takes full responsibility for its safety. If equipment is returned in worse conditions than it was primarily taken, except from normal use wear and tear, client is responsible for compensating all damages.