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Grand mug (400 ml)

Code: 0004lm
Manufacturer code: 9999999999101


This large (400 ml) cup of "Giant" for the special coffee lovers and just escape for those who never have enough coffee.   Surprise your good friend or close colleague, the bestowal of this extreme and capacity cup. Decorate it to your favorite photo, video or greeting, and he suddenly turn into a great and pleasant surprise. Your boyfriend or girlfriend will be able to enjoy a long favorite coffee or tea cool evenings.   Decorated with the company logo, this mug can quickly turn into a unique gift or a nice souvenir of your business partners.   Especially suitable for long weekend East or sit by the fireplace. Sustainable coffee, but also to tea.   The first visit away (after all, You shall not pass empty hands), birthday, name-day, the boss with a huge love of the staff ...


Color White
Capacity 400 ml
Product codes 0004lm 9999999999101