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Комплект штатива Manfrotto MVK500190XV Alu Video Kit

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Комплект штатива Manfrotto MVK500190XV Alu Video Kit
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Комплект штатива Manfrotto MVK500190XV Alu Video Kit description

The new MVK500190XV is a video system composed by MVH500AH fluid video head and dedicated 190X Video aluminium tripod, ensuring the utmost versatility and carrying convenience.

The 500 head comes in the flat base version, for greater versatility when it comes to using it in combination with other video accessories (such as slider or jib). It also features fluid cartridges on both pan and tilt axes to ensure that every camera movement is smooth. It comes with a side lock system, allowing the camera and sliding plate to click quickly into the head from above, instead of needing to be aligned and slid in from the back. The side lock system also makes it quicker and simpler to lift the camera out of the head from above. The head has a pre-set counterbalance of 2.4 kg at 55mm C.O.G., but can support up to 5 kg of equipment. It has a 3/8" Easy Link connector to fit an external monitor or other accessories.

The dedicated single leg, 3 section, aluminium 190X Video tripod features a levelling column for quick and easy set-up, easily extendable, adjustable legs and Quick Power Lock (QPL) levers that rapidly block or unblock each leg section.
The tripod’s casting also features an Easy Link connector equipped with anti-rotation for accessories.

The system can support up to 5 kg.

Время доставки 5-10 days

Производитель Manfrotto
Время доставки 5-10 days
Коды продуктa

00311NRD MVK500190XV 719821438250 8024221693768


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