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Manfrotto сумка для штатива 60 см MBAG60N

Manfrotto сумка для штатива 60 см MBAG60N
Код: 01083NRD
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Код производителя: MB MBAG60N
Заказанный продуктВ продаже Есть
Доставка 5-10 р.д.
осталось 4 шт

Manfrotto сумка для штатива 60 см MBAG60N описание

Durable, comfortably, and secure. Traveling with your larger tripod can be easier and safe with the Padded Tripod Bag. Able to accommodate a tripod with a head up to 60 cm long, this bag is designed with Thermoform padding to keep it in place. This not only prevents additional wear and tear, but offers comfortably carrying as well.

Made to be durable and weatherproof, the bag was also designed to carry heavy loads more easily and transporting easier. The Thermoform acts as a buffer between your tripod's hard edges and the exterior, with the padding giving extra protection to the more vulnerable areas like the head. A full length zipper helps give a better opening to quickly remove or insert your tripod into the bag. There is also an inner pocket for extra accessories such as video head pan bars, keeping everything in one place.

You'll appreciate the tripod bag's asymmetrical design making transport more comfortably, an adjustable shoulder strap, and two carrying handles. This bag was made to last while keeping your gear safe while on-the-go.

Время доставки 5-10 days

Производитель Manfrotto
Время доставки 5-10 days
Коды продуктa

01083NRD MB MBAG60N 719821397052 8024221652277


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