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Linkstar Magic Arm MSW-2A350

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The Linkstar MSW-2A350 Magic Arm is a flexible arm to connect for example accessories to your camera. Due to the sections and the two ball heads you can set the arm in various positions. Once adjusted and positioned you can easily secure the arm with one screw. The arm has a total length of 190 mm, has a removable hotshoe adapter and universal 14" male threads. Application Linkstar Magic Arm MSW-2A350 Attach the magic arm on one side to the hotshoe of your camera. On the other side of the arm you can attach accessories like a small LED lamp. The universal 14" male thread makes the MSW-2A350 suitable for various accessories. Magic Arms is widely used for Rigs and Shoulder Stands, for additional accessories to be used while filming. Furthermore it is possible to remove the part with the hotshoe adapter. Then the arm has two 14" male threads available. Another option is to only use the short part with the hotshoe connection.


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