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Byomic Junior Telescope 40/400

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Byomic Junior Telescope 40/400
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Byomic Junior Telescope 40/400 description

The Junior Mirror Telescope 40/400 with compass is a compact mirror telescope that can be set up within one minute. The only thing the beginner astronaut needs to do is to mount the mirror in the telescope and click the telescope in the standard. Erna can be chosen as one of the two eyepieces, and the universe can be found full of stars and planets. The telescope is ideal for children, thanks to the telescope, it is possible to start making sky observations. The telescope is resistant to a shot, and has a compass so that the correct position can be determined. The telescope's standard has been folded out at a height of 30 cm and features two buttons that allow the telescope to be set and locked.

The telescope uses mirrors and is therefore also called a Newton or reflector telescope. With a mirror with a diameter of 40mm, the telescope is capable of finding planets and stars that are (relatively) close to us. To view the celestial bodies, the telescope is a searcher that allows the viewable object to be detected first to view the telescope.

Usage Byomic Junior Telescope 40/400

 The Junior Mirror telescope 40/400 is a very nice telescope for the beginner young astronomer. It is a compact model, resistant to a shot, and has a compass on the position relative to the celestial bodies. With this telescope, the youthful astronomer has a telescope with which he or she can look at the stars in the universe with her parents or grandparents.

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