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Sevenoak Mini Camera Stabilizer SK-W08

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Sevenoak Mini Camera Stabilizer SK-W08
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Sevenoak Mini Camera Stabilizer SK-W08 description

The Sevenoak SK-W08 Mini Camera Stabilizer is a compact and lightweight camera stabilizer, which ensures smooth and stable movement during filming. The SK-W08 is designed for lightweight cameras such as compact cameras, GoPro cameras and smartphones weighing up to 0.5 kg. To mount your smartphone onto the SK-W08 an additional smartphone adapter will need to be used. This adapter is suitable for smartphones up to 8.5 cm wide such as the iPhone, Samsung, HTC etc. and can be found in the optional accessories tab below. The stabilizer is made of aluminum and is equipped with a built-in spirit level. The comfortable foam handgrip is attached to the SK-W08 with a mini ball head ensuring smooth and stable movement.

The SK-W08 is supplied with 3 counterweights, which can be mounted onto the stabilizer in 2 different positions (the front and bottom of the stabilizer). Alternatively, the counterweight attached to the bottom of the SK-W08 can be adjusted by using the extension rod and integrated screw.

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