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Matin Neck Strap Wool M-30000 Black

Код: 00068BNL
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The Matin M-30000 is a handy lanyard for your camera. You can link the M-30000 to your mirrorless camera, compact camera or camcorder in a few seconds. Thanks to the special loop, you are assured that the M-30000 will always be connected securely to your camera. Matin made the M-30000 out of wool, for a comfortable usage. The special production process makes sure the wool is soft and strong. At this moment you are looking at the black version of the lanyard. We supply the product also in grey. Usage Matin M-30000 You can loop the lanyard to your neck, to work safe with your camera. This reduces the chance of impact damage. A great solution for when you take the camera with you in nature, while sporting or at an event. The M-30000 can be used with almost every camera. On the side(s) of your camera is a little clamp where you can attach the lanyard to with a loop. Also available At this moment you are looking at the lanyard which is suitable for your neck. There is also a shorter version available, which can be used with your wrist


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