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Bresser MikroCam SP Serie 1,3 MP

Код: 141363057VOK
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Bresser MikroCam SP 1.3 Microscope Camera Take photos and videos with your microscope High-quality metal housing Numerous software functions, e.g. measurement, focus-stacking (combines several images for more depth of focus), mosaic (for larger image fields) Image and video capturing, incl. time lapse function Good compatibility with different microscopes Housing with c-mount adapter thread Supported languages of software: German, English, French, Polish, Russian, Turkish, ChineseItems delivered: Microscope camera USB 2.0 cable (approx. 1.8) Adapters for 23.2 mm, 30 mm, and 30.5 mm eyepiece holders Capture and image processing software (Windows)


  Производитель Bresser
  Delivery time 7-9 days
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