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StudioKing Reflector SK-SR15 for 9.5 cm Studio Flash

StudioKing Reflector SK-SR15 for 9.5 cm Studio Flash
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StudioKing Reflector SK-SR15 for 9.5 cm Studio Flash описание

The StudioKing SK-SR15 is a reflector suitable for studio flash units with a 9.5 cm diameter, such as flash units from the Falcon Eyes SS series and Linkstar MT series. With this reflector you can limit the angle of the flashlight to about 45 degrees. This allows you to give the light more control, because without a reflector the flash light goes in all directions and therefore a lot of light is 'lost'.

With which flash units can I use the reflector?

You can use the SK-SR15 with all studio flash units which have an outside diameter of 9.5 cm. For example the Falcon Eyes SS-200D or Linkstar MT-250D (see optional accessories). You simply slide the reflector around the body of your studio flash unit. With the help of the adjusting screw you can put the reflector firmly in position.

Application StudioKing Reflector SK-SR15

This accessory is a handy tool for use in portrait and product photography. The reflector allows you to direct the light in the direction of the subject, so much less light is lost. As a result, the light output on the subject is significantly higher.

Время доставки 5-19 w.d.

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Время доставки 5-19 w.d.
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