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Konus Red Dot Rifle Scope Sightpro-Atomic 2.0

Код: 01265BNL
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The revolutionary Konus Red Dot Scopes Sightpro-Atomic 2.0 is the smallest tradiontional Red Dot sighting device. The extremely rugged exterior is designed for the most powerful firearms. The Sightpro-Atomic 2.0 is so light and compact that it can be mounted on most guns, crossbows and shotguns. It has a 4 MOA red or green dot with five adjustable intensities for each color. The Red Dot is suited for both weaverpicatinny and 11 mm rail. Technical characteristics: Red Green Dot 4 MOA 5 for each color of light intensification Integrated Rail Lightweight and compact Unlimited eye relief No magnification Objective diameter 20mm.


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