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Carson Handmicroscope MM-450 20-60 with LED

Код: 01399BNL
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The Carson Manual Microscope MM-450 20-60x with LED is extremely compact and lightweight. With a magnification of 20 to 60x and the LED lighting, this microscope is very suitable to detect even the smallest details, wherever you are. Application Carson Manual Microscope MM-450 20-60x with LED: With the help of this small hand microscope almost every detail is visible. By means of the button at the top you can switch the LED lighting on and off. This way you can ensure that the object is optimally illuminated. By turning the upper ring the magnification can be adjusted, after which you can use the lower ring to focus the image, so that you can study the object even better. The manual microscope uses 1 AA battery ( not included ), but when you do not use the LED lighting it is not necessary.


Производитель Carson Optical
Время доставки 14-17 days
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