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Byomic Beginners Microsope Set 100, 400 and 900x in Case

Код: 03363KVG
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Liko 76 vnt.
Pristatymas 5-19 d.d.


The Byomic Beginners Microscope Set has a magnification of 100x, 400x and 900x and is suitable for beginners. The microscope has a robust housing and is delivered in a practical carry case. The microscope is supplied with 28 different accessories enabling the user to observe and experience the things that exist in the world around us unable to be seen by the naked eye. The foot of the microscope is equipped with a battery socket suitable for 2 AA batteries. These batteries power the light used to illuminate the object being studied. Alternatively, the integrated mirror enables the user to utilize natural lighting to illuminate the object under the microscope.


Производитель Byomic
Время доставки 5-19 days
Коды продуктa 03363KVG 8718127022318 871812702231