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Media-Tech MT392 Micco

Media-Tech MT392 Micco
Код: 02299MCF
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Код производителя: MT392
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Media-Tech MT392 Micco описание

MICCO MT392 it is a newest desk microphone in Media-Tech offer, which the biggest advantage is flexible arm. Now your microphone can be moved in every direction with you.

MICCO is featured by very good noise-canceling system, which allows pure voice transmission. It is essential while using on-line communication applications, when we are surround by all the redundant sounds.

MT392 is equipped with ON/OFF button allowing for fast and easy muffling the microphone if there is a need.

Гарантия 24 мес.

Время доставки 7-10 w.d.

Производитель Media-Tech
Гарантия 24 мес.
  Время доставки 7-10 w.d.
Коды продуктa

02299MCF MT392 5900882853921


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