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PNY Memory card MicroSDHC 32GB P-SDU32G10PPL-GE

Код: 09311ABL
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осталось 30 шт
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Performance Plus microSD cards let you make the most of your smartphones and tablet PCs to download and play music, games, movies and more. Add more memory to your smartphone and enjoy more mobile content such as applications, e-books, movies, music and movies. Class 10 MicroSD Performance Plus cards are ideal for quickly transferring and sharing content on the go. Business users will be able to store more emails, documents and presentations for easy access while away from the office. Available in capacities from 16 GB to 128 GB, the microSD Performance Plus card will store all content. Compatible with most devices equipped with a microSD port, including smartphones, tablets, monitoring cameras and more. Resistant to magnetic fields, shocks, high temperatures and water.


Производитель PNY
Гарантия 60 мес.
Время доставки 10-14 w.d.
Коды продуктa 09311ABL 0751492625676